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The world's first

Live Event Operating System!

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Smarter Attendee Tracking
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Real-Time Measurement Dashboard

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Interactive Engagements

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Access Control for Concerts and Festivals
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Data Acquisition for Marquee Events
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The Data Behind The Experience


The first LIVE EVENT OPERATING SYSTEM!  Marquee Event producers, can now register visitors and provide more value for both the consumer and the event sponsors. Our system allows the event organizer to own the fan database, share data with event sponsors, and build organic social media amplification into every engagement.  Recent customers include, USA Swimming, Professional Bull Riders, Major League Soccer, NFL and NBA.



FISH was the first, and remains the clear leader, in behavioral event measurement.  FISH uses various technologies (including RFID, NFC, and BLE) to track consumer engagement, to infer interest, and deliver bespoke experiences. At FISH we believe data should provide much more than simply post-event insights – we believe all data should be leveraged in real-time to enhance engagements, and drive desired outcomes for the event organizer.


FISH has created the world’s most interactive measurement systems for all types of experiential brand activations. Our Immersive Media solutions are used by many of the world’s leading brands, including the US Army, US Air Force, Microsoft, Toyota, Smirnoff, and Ford.  Our system empowers agencies and brands to measure all aspects of consumer engagement – understanding which aspects of brand experiences will selectively attract and engage their target demographic.

 FISH provides Data Solutions that empower marketers and focus sales resources. FISH provides decision-makers with immersive-media technologies that collect and deliver actionable data that increase return on marketing investments and target sales efforts to increase profit.


  • Measurement

    It’s the data that matters . Events are short-lived. ROI is based on what we learn about customers, what they walk away with, and how we continue to engage with them. These are the factors that truly determine ROI, transforming an event from pure spectacle into a strategic campaign

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    FISH has garnered a reputation as a leader in the space of “Experiential RFID”–but the truth is, we are not an RFID Company. We happen to use RFID when it is the best technology to support our clients’ strategic objectives and facilitate value for the consumer and measurement for the brand.  We are truly “tech-agnostic” and leverage numerous registration and tracking mechanics including UHF & HF RFID, NFC (Near Field Communication), BLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) and QR Codes.

  • Amplify experiences

    FISH has created the world’s most interactive technology systems for experiential environments. Our award-winning system drives enhanced visitor experiences while simultaneously creating unprecedented behavioral measurement for brand marketers, event organizers, and sports venues.  FISH was the first USA based company to link consumer social media accounts to RFID mechanics – allowing them to collect content, and share experiences, while driving exponential impressions for brand partners.

  • Generate Leads

    FISH provides pre-event, on-site, and mobile registration systems that allow brands to efficiently collect consumer data, reduce queues, and facilitate a clear value exchange between the consumers and brands. All data platforms are seamlessly integrated with back-end CRM and reporting systems.

What we do, and who we support:

We fuel interactive experiences.  Technology integration has become an essential for experiential events. Experiential marketers know this, but they don’t always understand how and why to implement it. While technology has the power to dazzle, it doesn’t always deliver. The true power of technology is two-fold: Participation and Measurement

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