We provide the experiential marketing world with “Live Event Operating Systems” that give brands, event organizers, and agencies the ability to register guests, track consumer behavior, and link physical brand experiences to online media. Our platform creates frictionless environments where event attendees can easily collect content, supply contact details to brands, and share experiences with their friends.

The FISH Platform empowers event marketers with the ability to maximize data collection, facilitate more active engagement, and track all aspects of event behavior in real time. Our platform leverages numerous technologies, including RFID, BLE, Mobile, and QR to make event measurement the byproduct of really cool and engaging experiences.

What to say when your neighbor borrows your lawnmower without asking?

Excuse me, I think that’s mine? Well, there has been some confusion about our URL, and no the name of our company is NOT fishisdata – we are, and always have been, FISH Technologies.  We used to be found at fishtechnology.com until we discovered that a competitor purchased the plural version, fishtechnologies.com, and redirected to their website.  Well they have closed their doors (could it be Karma?  Just saying) but remain unwilling to sell the URL back to the rightful owner – so we will continue to be found at FISHisDATA.com – and that’s cool with us, since we truly are all about the data.


Sponsored Events Data Collection

Sponsored Events

FISH is the leading operating system for marquee events – deployed as the single mechanic for fan content collection and sharing.  Our proven system will collect contact data on +90% of all event attendees, drive new digital sponsorship revenues, and provide actionable insights about fan engagement.

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Corporate Events Data Solution


The FISH Platform for conferences and corporate meetings leverages Registration, RFID, BLE, Mobile, QR Codes and other experiential technologies to track attendee behavior, facilitate meaningful conversations, and make conferences engaging, fun, and more measurable than ever before.

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Mobile Tours

Mobile Tours

The FISH System is deployed across all mobile tour events to collect consumer data, measure onsite behavior, and understand the effectiveness of mobile tour marketing campaigns. The FISH System uses various technologies to track consumer engagemnt including RFID, Mobile, QR, and BLE.

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Promotional Events Data Solution

Promotional Events

Brands leverage the FISH Platform at promotional events to provide engaging experiences, collect consumer data, and automatically link the physical and digital worlds. Our system creates fantastically sharable experiences that promote stronger connections between the consumers and the brand experience.

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Festival Events


The FISH Festival Platform allows the festival organizer to collect fan data, control verified access, provide a cashless payment program for fans, allow brand partners to seamlessly collect fan data, deliver engaging experiences, and create new digital sponsorship revenue opportunities.

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Data Solutions that empower marketers and focus sales resources. FISH provides decision-makers with immersive-media technologies that collect and deliver actionable data that increase return on marketing investments and target sales efforts to increase profit.